The Telemark electron beam source (ebeam gun) digital XY sweep is the latest in beam control technology from Telemark. It affords precise beam control and high repeatability for vapor cloud uniformity. This unit comes with a handheld joystick and replaces the older analog style sweep units. A color LCD touch screen shows real time display of source pocket.

The Digital Programmable Sweep controls the pinpoint location of the EB Source beam spot. Patterns are viewable from the LCD screen and can be edited to change size, frequency, rotation, profile and location.

Programmable Sweep Joystick
Programmable Sweep Avatar Joystick
Telemark XY Sweep Remote
Digital Sweep Remote
  • 5 Preset shapes (triangular, sinusoidal, collapsible circle, rotatable line, point)
  • User definable oscillation frequency, amplitude, rotational speed, circular pattern collapse size
    Memory for eight user definable patterns
  • High repeatability for consistent yields and material usage
  • Binary coded or direct line remote pattern select and feedback
  • Intuitive – short learning curve for operators and engineers
  • Tight beam control and uniform energy distribution for dielectric and subliming materials
  • Stable single spot for evaporation of metals
  • Excellent for processes requiring repeatable vapor cloud distribution
  • Replace older style analog sweeps


  • Stores 32 user shapes and 32 patterns that are remotely selectable
  • User may edit any step in a shape without rewriting the program
  • Unit adjusts output to match deflection characteristics and magnetic distortion of each source, so displayed shape mirrors actual shape in the chamber
  • Compatible with all transverse beam sources, featuring offset and an interlock for sources requiring coil bias for pocket center
Digital Sweep Programmable Sweep
Frequency Range0.1 to 100Hz0.1 to 100Hz
Coil currentDual channel +/-1.5A max.Dual channel +/-1.5A max. or +/-3.0A max.
Rotational resolution360 steps (1° angular resolution)360 steps (1° angular resolution)
Preprogrammed Shapes47
Programmable User Shapes-32
Avatar JoystickOptionalIncluded
Pocket Setup5 point9 point
Magnetic Distortion Adjust-
Beam in Pocket-
LCD Touchscreen Resolution320 x 240480 x 272
Input voltage90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Remote Override-
Remote InputsPassive or Active: Individual, Binary 00001Passive or Active: Individual, Binary 00000 or 00001
Remote OutputsDry contact closures (N.O.): Individual, Binary 00001Dry contact closures (N.O.): Individual, Binary 00000 or 00001

Programmable Sweep Windows Editor Software

The Programmable Sweep Editor software can:

  • Create and edit sweep shapes
  • Import coma delimited files shape files
  • Full backup and restore of Programmable Sweep
  • Backup and restore individual shapes and patterns
  • Update sweep software
Screen caputer of Programmable Sweep Windows Editor software

Screen capture of Programmable Sweep Windows Editor software

Programmable Sweep Profile

Some shapes have a profile variable. Positive values will spend more time on the edge of the pattern, negative values will spend more time at the center of the pattern. Some materials and patterns can benefit from power profiling by creating a more constant beam energy density as the beam sweeps across the area of the pocket.

Programmable Sweep Profile

Programmable Sweep Profile

Programmable Sweep Distortion Adjust

The programmable sweep has 4 additional points to define the size of the pocket compared to the digital sweeps 5 points. This gives you control over the distortion adjustment to compensate for the physical properties of the e-beam source magnetics. This feature may be of interest if the circular sweep setup pattern exhibits any non-circular path aberrations.

Programmable Sweep Distortion

Programmable Sweep Distortion Adjust