Optical Monitors

Optical monitoring in large area deposition systems requires a new innovative method to reduce cost and yet increase measurement performance.

The Telemark Optical Monitor represents that breakthrough in distributed monitoring techniques that both reduces cost and improves performance. This instrument is built upon an open SQL data base containing all the run and setup data allowing the user to easily configure the system, run it and access the run data either from the operating computer or from any computer on the network in real time. The system is application driven with an easy setup tool for configuration of each spectrometer in the system.

Single Point Optical monitorSingle PointIn-Situ Spectroscopic Optical Monitor

Full Spectrum, Real-time Analysis and Control of Reflectance and Transmittance During Thin-Film Deposition
Dedicated systems for Large Area Flat – Web Coating – Optical Coating

Witness Glass ChangerWitness Glass Changer

For in-situ optical monitoring it is often desirable to monitor coatings via. a witness chip assembly. The Telemark witness glass changer offers users reflection or transmission measurements.