Sheet Resistance Monitor

In-situ measurement of metal film electrical properties has long been a challenge for thin film applications. Telemark has developed an in-situ instrument for measuring sheet resistance during deposition. The use of this instrument affords accurate and repeatable results for applications where sheet resistance specifications must be met. The use of initially conductive, replaceable witness chips offers product traceability and electrical property data capture.


  • 4-point probe method of measurement
  • 6 decades of resistance measurement 200kohms down to 200 milliohms
  • Auto-ranging throughout the entire range
  • Accuracy of measurement 0.5% for each range
  • Data from the Electronics Module is relayed to a Digital Display Unit or alternately logged to a computer using a special program (optional)
  • An Embedded Thermocouple monitors the temperature of the substrate during film growth. The sheet resistance can be normalized to room temperature using the (optional) computer program