Quartz Crystal Sensor Heads

Telemark Quartz Crystal Dual Right Angle Sensor
Dual Right Angle Quartz Crystal Sensor
Telemark Quartz Crystal Right Angle Sensor
Right Angle Quartz Crystal Sensor
Quartz Crystal Dual Sensor
Dual Parallel Quartz Crystal Sensor
Telemark Quartz Crystal Parallel Sensor
Parallel Quartz Crystal Sensor
Single Parallel Sensor, Bakeable
Single Parallel Sensor, Bakeable
Dual Sensor with Shutter
Dual Sensor with Shutter

Telemark supplies robust single or dual quartz crystal (QCM) sensor heads. The dual crystal head includes a “shutter” for alternate use of crystals or the availability of a fresh crystal in the event of crystal failures. Telemark sensors come in a wide variety of options and can be supplied in a “bakeable” configuration for depositions in the 250⁰C range. Installation kits and custom designs are offered to our users.
Telemark can supply the finest quartz crystals and are available in Gold or Alloy with frequencies of 6 MHz and 5 MHz.

Non-Bakeable SensorBakeable Sensor
Max Operating Temp105C200C
Max Bakeout Temp105C300C
Shutter Actuator80-100 PSI Air80-100 PSI Air
Water Flow
Optional Sputter Cap