Solid State Power Supplies

Telemark electron beam source (ebeam gun) solid state power supplies offer our users state-of-the-art technology in switching mode power supplies. Extensive arc management provides fast recovery, arc counting and duration sensing technology. Ranging from 4 kW to 12kW these supplies are available in single or multi-source output configuration. Current regulation is <0.5%.
Adjustable output current and ultra-low ripple are a great advantage to our users.
When combined with the Telemark Digital Sweep, these ebeam power supplies afford extremely stable beam position and repeatable results.
The use of separate controllers offers fast support and minimal downtime in the event of failures.
Telemark solid state power supplies are rack mountable and air cooled for easy installation.
Handheld remote control units with voltage and current displays are available.

  • Maximum power 4/6/8/10/12kW
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 2 e-beam sources
  • All Solid State switch mode design
  • Rugged well overrated IGBT inverter for superior reliability
  • Extensive arc management for outstanding performance, fastest arc recovery, arc counter and arc duration sensor
  • Adjustable voltage 0 to -10kV (0 to -8kV for ST-4) with precise regulation (<+/- 0.25%) for stable beam position, ultra low ripple for minimum beam size
  • Constant emission current regulation <+/- 0.5%
  • Full remote operation from PLC or optional Handheld for both High Voltage and Source
  • 19 Inch rack mountable, ultra compact, ST chassis : 8.75″ (5U), Controller: 1.75″ (1U), Digital Sweep optional:  3.50″ (2U), Programmable Sweep optional: 3.50″ (2U)
  • Air cooled
Model ST-4Model ST-6Model ST-8Model SX-10Model SX-12
Max Number of Sources11122
Max Power500mA @ 8kV600mA @ 10kV or
750mA @ 8kV
800mA @10kV1A@ 10kV1.2A@ 10kV
HV (adjustable)0 to -8kV0 to -8kV or
0 to -10kV
0 to -10kV0 to -10kV0 to -10kV
Response time<50 microseconds<50 microseconds<50 microseconds<50 microseconds<50 microseconds
Source Filament40A max @10VAC40A max @10VAC40A max @10VAC40A max @10VAC40A max @10VAC
Process Control Voltage0 to +10VDC0 to +10VDC0 to +10VDC0 to +10VDC0 to +10VDC
Telemark TT/ST Hand Held Remote

ST/TT Remote Control

Optional remote control and display of high voltage and emission current

Filament Transformer Box Assembly

Telemark power supplies come with a filament transformer box assembly and all the cables you need to connect to your power supply.

ST Filament Transformer Box Assembly
ST Filament Transformer Box Assembly
SX Filament Transformer Box Assembly
SX Filament Transformer Box Assembly