Single Point Optical Monitor

Telemark Optical Monitor Single Point

Optical monitoring in large area deposition systems requires a new innovative method to reduce cost and yet increase measurement performance.

The Telemark Optical Monitor represents that breakthrough in distributed monitoring techniques that both reduces cost and improves performance. This instrument is built upon an open SQL data base containing all the run and setup data allowing the user to easily configure the system, run it and access the run data either from the operating computer or from any computer on the network in real time. The system is application driven with an easy setup tool for configuration of each spectrometer in the system.

  • Multiple Wavelength Analysis
  • Transmission and Reflection
  • Trending of color and wavelength data
  • Complete Fixturing Process Support


Broadband spectrographic measurement allows the system to display wavelength versus transmission or reflection through the entire visible spectrum many times a second. Trending of calculated color and specific wavelengths allow the operator to control his process with ease. Set points can be configured to notify the operator when the controlled process is moving out of control so corrections can be made prior to loss of product. These same spectrographic measurements reduce the setup time of complex coatings by allowing laboratory quality measurements to be made in the coater during the setup process.

Dual and single beam modes are available for long production runs of many hours.

Automatic calibration and background functions are available for use between measurements of product.

Large easy to view displays provide at a glance understanding of where your process is going. Displays as large as 48” LCD’s are available.

Full integration to your coating system is provided with all necessary hardware, fixtures and digital interfaces. Process support is available from our experienced engineers and scientists to ensure maximum system effectiveness.

Model 831Model 832Model 833
Detector Range (nm)350-800250-850250-1040
Sample Acquisition Rate (Hz)449614506145061
Optical Resolution (nm/pixel)


Model 831Model 832Model 833
Optical Witness Changer
TCP/IP Communication Module
Color Cut Point Module
Spectral Matching Module
Essential MacLeod Interface Module
External UV Light Source (200-380nm)
Extended Range Detector (1100nm-2500nm)
Telemark Optical Monitor Chip Changer

Witness Glass Chip Changer

For in-situ optical monitoring it is often desirable to monitor coatings via. a witness chip assembly. The Telemark witness chip changer offers users reflection or transmission measurements. The witness chip magazine manages 50 optical monitoring positions.