Water Vapor Cryochiller

For the best films and fastest pumping times, it is critical to remove water vapor from the process environment. The Telemark closed-cycle Cryochillers provide efficient water vapor pumping with lower total operating costs than liquid nitrogen. Telemark offers cryochillers in a number of sizes and capacities, with single and dual channel models available.
Telemark offers cryochiller Coil and Meissner trap design and configuration services. Contact Telemark Sales for design support.

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Water Vapor Cryochillers

Telemark cryochiller models support state of the art communications for system controls integration by RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet communications. Process data logging is supported through this communication package.

Replacement RefrigerantWater Vapor Cryochiller

Telemark Cryogenics supplies refrigerant charges and “top off” charges for Telemark units and Competitors units. EPA compliant and Kyoto compliant gasses are in-stock Telemark for fast delivery.

Cryochiller Digital ControlReplacement PartsWater Vapor Cryochiller

Telemark Cryogenics offers replacement parts for our units and our competitors Water Vapor Cryochiller units.