Electron Beam Sources

The widest selection of electron beam sources comes from Telemark. We have invested significant effort to ensure the best beam geometry and performance of our sources. Small research sources and large production sources contain the very best in magnetic design and build quality. The strict attention to magnetic design improves material usage and ensures high film repeatability. 270⁰ beam deflection design is used on all Telemark sources and is state-of-the-art in ebeam technology. This ensures long filament life and longer run times before servicing.

Telemark also offers complete ebeam sources mounted on to flanges for easy installation and servicing. Our Engineers are happy to discuss the best options for your application and mounting needs.

Telemark offers 26 different models of e-beam sources, each with many crucibles options. This decision tree can help you find the right source for your situation. Telemark E-beam Source Model Decision Tree 

Teleamrk Model 244 E-beam sourceR and D Multi-PocketE-Beam Sources

Small R and D multi-pocket E-beam sources provide pocket sizes of 2cc, 4cc and 7cc in a compact footprint.

Production Multi-PocketE-Beam Sources

Multi-pocket sources for layer stacks are essential to the thin film market. Telemark provides pocket sizes from 7cc to 40cc and trough to 440cc. We use high quality seals and sealing surfaces to ensure smooth hearth movement and exact pocket indexing.

High Capacity Multi-PocketE-Beam Sources

High Capacity Multi-pocket E-beam sources for multiple or thick layers and extended throw distances. Telemark provides pocket sizes from to 16x 100cc and trough to 2880cc.

Telemark single pocket e-beam sources to 160cc.Single PocketE-Beam Sources

For single material depositions Telemark has a wide selection of hearth sizes from 1.5cc to 160cc. Most Telemark single pocket sources have a removable crucible for easy servicing.

Crucible-lessE-Beam Sources

For customers wishing to supply the crucible as part of their mechanical assembly, the crucible-less sources offers a compact, cost-effective solution.

Flange MountedE-Beam Sources

Telemark sources can be supplied in side or bottom flange mounting for easy installation. Please contact Telemark for your source flange mounting needs.

Arc Suppression UpgradeE-Beam Sources

A source with the Arc-Suppression option is ideal for many applications, such as for optical coating and for ion plating without a pressure barrier.

Self Sealing Cover UpgradeE-Beam Sources

An optional self-sealing cover plate is available for applications where cross-contamination between materials is a concern.

E-Beam Source RebuildingE-Beam Sources

Telemark can rebuilt your E-beam source back to factory specs. Optionally emitters can be rebuilt at the same time.