Production Multi-Pocket Sources

Telemark offers the largest selection of multi-pocket electron beam sources on the market. Pocket sizes from 2cc to 100cc are available. Vacuum compatibility selections from 10-7 torr to 10-9 torr offer customers a one stop shop for all your multi-pocket source needs. Utilizing 270⁰ beam deflection, the Telemark sources are state-of-the-art in E-beam technology. Source options include traditional O-ring style or magnetic fluid feedthrough rotation. Installation kits, source shutters and pocket indexers can be supplied. Please contact Telemark with your ebeam source requirements for model and configuration assistance.

  • 270° beam deflection (Hidden Filament)
  • Proprietary, patented water cooling design means longer crucible life and more consistent evaporation of material
  • Rugged, reliable construction
  • Designed for ease of use and maintainability
  • Permanent magnet for primary beam positioning to provide improved control of evaporation process
  • Durable emitter assembly with unique design for increased filament life and simple maintenance
  • Plug-in emitter assembly for easy filament replacement
  • Side or bottom crucible rotation drive
  • Integral rotation feedthrough on models 246/266/276/296 eliminates water to vacuum seal
  • Most components are maintained in stock
  • A Source can normally be delivered in one-two weeks ARO

Improved Source Magnetics Reduce Beam Curl

Telemark Improved Source Magnetics
Telemark Improved Source Magnetics

A range of new sources have been introduced which incorporate a significant change from the traditional magnetic field design, providing a much straighter beam path through the melt material, thus increasing the usable portion of the melt inventory and producing a more uniform and predictable evaporant cloud. These sources can be supplied with the optional Arc-Suppression or self-sealing cover plate.

Model 264/266/274/276Model 294/296
E-Beam Deflection270°270°
Power Rating10 kW*12 kW*
High Voltage Range-6 kV to -10 kV-6 kV to -10 kV
Lateral Coil Resistance3.0 ohms3.0 ohms
Long. Coil Resistance9.6 ohms9.6 ohms
Water Requirements3 gpm(min.)@ 60°F5 gpm(min.)@ 60°F

*Nominal value; actual power rating may vary, depending on customer’s process.

Model 264/266Model 274/276Model 294/296
4 x 7cc-27 / -28-27 / -28
4 x 15cc-1 / -2-1 / -2
4 x 25cc Shallow-7 / -8-7 / -8
4 x 30cc-19 / -20-19 / -20-19 / -20
4 x 40cc w/web-61 / -62
4 x 40cc w/o web-45 / -46-44 / -45
4 x 60cc-81 / -82
2x15cc / 2x25 Shallow-37 / -38
6 x 4cc
6 x 7cc-5 / -6-5 / -6
6 x 15cc-11 / -12-11 / -12-11 / -12
6 x 25cc-17 / -18-17 / -18
6 x 30cc-75 / -76
6 x 40cc-69 / -70
2x7cc / 4x15cc-29 / -30
4x4cc / 2x15cc-9 / -10
8 x 7cc-13 / -14-13 / -14
8 x 15cc-1 / -2
8 x 25cc Shallow-7 / -8
Trough, 190cc-15 / -16
Trough, 275cc-31 / -32
Trough, 440cc-79 / -80
Side / BottomSide / BottomSide / Bottom
Telemark Crucible Types
Crucible Types


Arc Free Upgrade

Telemark Arc-Suppression

A source with the Arc Free is ideal for many applications, such as for optical coating and for ion plating without a pressure barrier. The reduction in arcing results in improved film quality, improved yields, and fewer arc-related maintenance issues.


Self-Sealing Cover Upgrade

Self Sealing E-Beam Cover

An optional self-sealing cover plate is available for applications where cross contamination between materials is a concern.

Telemark Feedthroughs

Telemark HV Feedthrough Cover
HV Feedthrough Cover

Telemark Crucible Indexer Controller
Crucible Indexer Controller

Telemark Water Flow Switch
Water Flow Switch

Telemark E-Beam Shutter
E-Beam Shutter

Electro-Pneumatic shutter controls are available with 1″, 32mm, or 2-3/4″ CFF feedthrough shutter assemblies.

The model 274 now ships with the new 274-0150-1 E-Beam Source Emitter with Improved Arc Resistance. The new design incorporates improved insulator shielding to resist arcing, allowing for longer filament lifetime, better process stability, and improved film quality.

New 274-0150-1 E-Beam Source Emitter with Improved Arc Resistance