Telemark offers the largest selection of multi-pocket electron beam sources on the market. Pocket sizes from 2cc to 100cc are available. Vacuum compatibility selections from 10-7 torr to 10-9 torr offer customers a one stop shop for all your multi-pocket source needs. Utilizing 270⁰ beam deflection, the Telemark sources are state-of-the-art in E-beam technology. Source options include traditional O-ring style or magnetic fluid feedthrough rotation. Installation kits, source shutters and pocket indexers can be supplied. Please contact Telemark with your ebeam source requirements for model and configuration assistance.

  • 270° beam deflection (Hidden Filament)
  • Proprietary, patented water cooling design means longer crucible life and more consistent evaporation of material
  • Rugged, reliable construction
  • Designed for ease of use and maintainability
  • Permanent magnet for primary beam positioning to provide improved control of evaporation process
  • Durable emitter assembly with unique design for increased filament life and simple maintenance
  • Plug-in emitter assembly for easy filament replacement
  • Side or bottom crucible rotation drive
  • Integral rotation feedthrough on models 246/266/276/296 eliminates water to vacuum seal
  • Most components are maintained in stock
  • A Source can normally be delivered in one-two weeks ARO

Improved Source Magnetics Reduce Beam Curl

Telemark Improved Source Magnetics

Telemark Improved Source Magnetics

A range of new sources have been introduced which incorporate a significant change from the traditional magnetic field design, providing a much straighter beam path through the melt material, thus increasing the usable portion of the melt inventory and producing a more uniform and predictable evaporant cloud. These sources can be supplied with the optional Arc-Suppression or self-sealing cover plate.

Source 264/266/274/276 Source 294/296
E-Beam Deflection270°270°
Power Rating10 kW*12 kW*
High Voltage Range-6 kV to -10 kV-6 kV to -10 kV
Lateral Coil Resistance3.0 ohms3.0 ohms
Long. Coil Resistance9.6 ohms9.6 ohms
Water Requirements3 gpm(min.)@ 60°F5 gpm(min.)@ 60°F

*Nominal value; actual power rating may vary, depending on customer’s process.

Side / Bottom 264/266 Side / Bottom 274/276 Side / Bottom 294/296
4 x 7cc-27 / -28-27 / -28
4 x 15cc-01 / -02-01 / -02
4 x 25cc-07 / -08-07 / -08
4 x 30cc-19 / -20-19 / -20-19 / -20
4 x 40cc w/web-61 / -62
4 x 40cc w/o web-45 / -46-44 / -45
2x15cc / 2x25-37 / -38
6 x 4cc
6 x 7cc-05 / -06-05 / -06
6 x 15cc-11 / -12-11 / -12-11 / -12
6 x 25cc-17 / -18-17 / -18
6 x 30cc-75 / -76
6 x 40cc-69 / -70
2x7cc / 4x15cc-29 / -30
4x4cc / 2x15cc-09 / -10
8 x 7cc-13 / -14-13 / -14
8 x 15cc-01 / -02
8 x 25cc-07 / -08
Trough, 190cc-15 / -16
Trough, 275cc-31 / -32
Trough, 440cc-79 / -80

Telemark Crucible Types

Crucible Types

Arc Suppression Upgrade

Telemark Arc-Suppression

A source with the Arc-Suppression option is ideal for many applications, such as for optical coating and for ion plating without a pressure barrier. The reduction in arcing results in improved film quality, improved yields, and fewer arc-related maintenance issues.


Self-Sealing Cover Upgrade

Self Sealing E-Beam Cover

An optional self-sealing cover plate is available for applications where cross contamination between materials is a concern.

Telemark Feedthroughs


Telemark HV Feedthrough Cover

HV Feedthrough Cover

Telemark Crucible Indexer Controller

Crucible Indexer Controller

Telemark Water Flow Switch

Water Flow Switch

Telemark E-Beam Shutter

E-Beam Shutter

Electro-Pneumatic shutter controls are available with 1″, 32mm, or 2-3/4″ CFF feedthrough shutter assemblies.