Telemark Model 508 E-Beam Source
Model 508 E-Beam Source

The “ultra” compact 508, 1.5cc ebeam source (e-gun) is UHV compatible and is supplied by itself or installed on a 2.75” CF flange in a horizontal orientation. The 508 source is perfect for refractory metals and high melting point materials in MBE environments.

The model 509 is a 4cc UHV source with a 270° emitter. It is installed on a 4.5 or 6 inch CF flange in a vertical orientation for installations where effusion (Knudsen cell) K-cells are being used.

  • Mounted on 4.5” or 6” CFF for direct replacement of K-cells
  • No beam sweep
  • 1.5cc or 4cc pocket
  • 5kV max.
  • Shutter or Dual HV feedthru can be mounted on 6” CFF
UHV Source 508 UHV Source 509
E-Beam Deflection180°270°
Power Rating3 kW4 kW
High Voltage- 7 kV- 7 kV
Water Requirements2 gpm(min.)@ 60°F2 gpm(min.)@ 60°F
Bake Out Temperature
UHV Source 508 UHV Source 509
1.5cc on 2.75 CF Flange508-02
4cc on 4.5 inch CF Flange509-05
4cc on 4.5 inch CF Flange With HV feedthru509-06
4cc on 6 inch CF Flange509-07
4cc on 6 inch CF Flange With HV feedthru509-08