Linear UHV Sources

The 575/578 sources are precise, efficient, linear UHV multi-pocket electron beam sources, ideal for research and development, as well as production applications.
The Telemark linear UHV sources are the leader in MBE applications and afford MBE users material options never before available.
The models 575/578 are unique for their compact size and the capability to supply up to 9 pockets. This, combined with an 8/10kW power rating, makes the 575 and 578 the most versatile linear, multi-pocket UHV electron beam sources available in the market place.
These models also incorporate all the unique design features that have made the Telemark electron beam sources the most widely used E-beam evaporation sources in the world.
575/578 Options include: 10” CFF or 12” CFF mounting, linear UHV source shutter assembly, UHV pocket indexing assemblies, heat restricting cooling shrouds and rail guide assemblies for easy source removal and installation for servicing.
Telemark is happy to customize these UHV sources for upgrading your existing system. Please contact Telemark to discuss your specific UHV linear source needs.

The 6kW model 568 source is available for applications where a 8” CF flange mounted source is required.

  • Mounted on 10” CFF (DN200CF) flange (575) or 12” CFF flange (578) with all feedthroughs (optional CF flange configurations available)
  • Pumps down to 10-11 torr
  • Automatic motorized indexer available as an option
  • Electro-pneumatic shutter available as an option
  • Water-cooled cryo-shield available as an option
  • Integral sealed XY Sweep coils
  • Designed for ease of use and maintainability
  • Long filament life with 270° beam deflection
  • Emitter assembly secured by single screw for easy filament replacement

Model 575Model 578
E-Beam Deflection270°270°
Power Rating8kW10kW
Max. High Voltage-10kV-10kV
Lateral Coil Resistance8.5 ohms3.0 ohms
Long. Coil Resistance7.5 ohms9.6 ohms
Water Requirements2 gpm (6l/min)2 gpm (6l/min)
Bake Out Temperature250°C250°C

Distance from flange to center of the pocket
575-01, 575-02, 575-03 11”(280mm)
All other models 14.5”(356mm)
(custom lengths available as an option)

Model 575Model 578
5 pocket 4cc575-01
7 pocket 4cc575-04
9 pocket 4cc575-07
10 pocket 4cc575-10
4 pocket 7cc575-02
6 pocket 7cc575-05
7 pocket 7cc575-08
8 pocket 7cc575-11
3 pocket 15cc575-03
4 pocket 15cc575-06
5 pocket 15cc575-09
6 pocket 15cc575-12
2 pocket 25cc578-02
4 pocket 25cc578-04
2 pocket 40cc578-01
4 pocket 40cc578-03
Telemark Crucible Indexer Controller
Automatic Pocket indexer


Telemark Water Cooled Shroud
Water Cooled Shroud

Telemark 575 Source Rail Guide
Source Rail Guide Assembly


Automatic Electro-Pneumatic Linear Shutter

Manual Linear Shutter