Self Sealing Cover Upgrade

Telemark Self Sealing E-Beam Cover

For Telemark ebeam sources (e-gun) An optional self-sealing cover plate is available for applications where cross-contamination between materials is a concern. The front of the cover plate moves up as the crucible indexes to the next pocket. It is actuated by bearings attached to the crucible and is pivoted at the rear of the assembly. When the cover plate is in the closed position, it is in contact with the crucible, thus preventing any migration of the material being evaporated to adjacent pockets. The cover plate forward edge is angled to avoid evaporant accumulation.

Available on only certain crucible configurations of the models 264, 266, 269, 271, 273, 274, 276, 279, 294, 295, and 296 (Please contact Telemark for assistance)