Quartz Crystal Control

For real-time thin film thickness and deposition rate control, quartz crystal (QCM) controllers are very reliable and time tested technology. Telemark supplies complete quartz crystal measuring systems to meet our customers’ demands. Telemark 800 series units come complete with oscillator, cables and hand-held remote.

Model 861 Deposition ControllerDeposition Controllers861/862

A large LCD color touchscreen and intuitive programming makes the 861/862 easy to use and integrate into your deposition system. The 861/862 controller is integrated to your ebeam controller for automatic ebeam depositions and cut points.

851 Thickness MonitorThickness Monitor851

For simple thickness control without ebeam control integration the 851 Thickness Monitor contains all the great design features of the 861 Controller. It is a “price friendly” unit that is easy to install and operate.

High Quality 6 MHz and 5 MHz Replacement CrystalsCrystals

Telemark provides high quality replacement crystals for all units. 6 MHz and 5 MHz crystals in Gold or Alloy design are “in-stock” and available for fast delivery.

Quartz Crystal Sensor HeadsSensor Heads

A high quality quartz crystal sensor head is critical to thickness and rate control. Attention to strict design rules is necessary. Telemark sensor head designs can be customized to meet your system needs. High temperature and dual crystal and shuttered configurations are available. Please contact Telemark for your sensor head needs.

6 Crystal Sensor HeadSix Crystal Sensors

Telemark offers multiple crystal sensor heads for long duration coating runs where single or dual crystal sensor heads are not sufficient. Electrically driven, the Telemark six crystal sensor head offers accurate, fast indexing to fresh crystals.
This sensor is supplied with mounting hardware and feedthroughs.