Telemark Cryogenics offers replacement parts for our cryochiller units and our competitors units like the 1102.


Item #Description
17-0101-05Switch, High Pressure, Manual reset
17-0120-03Disconnect Switch, 3 pole, Panel Mount
17-0125-03Disconnect Switch 3 Pole, Back Mount
17-0401-01Interface Board
17-0421-20Z-World PK2120 control.
17-0600-01Pressure Transducer, Druck 1-10 volt
18-0320-02LCD Display
18-0700-21AMP Pin, crimp, 24-20
18-0741-00AMP Cable Clamp, 23a
18-0747-37AMP Plug, float, pin, 37 place
18-3421-12Sensor, RTD-PT 100, 120″ Lead
45-0100-02Leak Detector, D-Tek Select



Item #Description
22-0001-00Superior Hand Valve, &” x ¼” ODF
22-0001-03Superior Hand Valve, 3/8″
22-0001-05Superior Hand Valve, 5/8″
22-0101-00XUJ Valve
22-0152-10Asco Coil, 24VAC
22-0401-06B6S1 Valve Rebuild Kit
22-0401-09b9S1 Valve Rebuild Kit
22-0402-01Asco Valve Gasket
22-2000-07Filter Drier – 7/8 odf Sporlan C607S
22-3000-07Vibration Absorber – 7/8″
22-3000-11Vibration Absorber – 1-3/8″
22-5010-31Condenser TVP2000/3500
22-7022-40Scroll Comp. ZF40K4E TWD, 220vac3ph50/60 Hz
22-7032-40Scroll Comp. ZF40K4E TWD, 380vac3ph50/60 Hz
22-7653-07Rotalok Valve, 1 ¼ x 7/8 S
22-7653-11Rotalok Valve, 1 ¾ x 1 3/8 S
22-9001-00TA-1 OIl Test Kit, Acid Test
36-5000-10OIl, Refrig. Comp. POE, 32cf
36-5101-16Armaflex Glue, 1/2 pint



Item #Description
22-8000-08Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal O-Ring
22-8000-18Parker Ultraseal O Ring Tool, 1/2″
22-8001-08Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal Nut
22-8002-00Parker Ultraseal 1/2″ Delrin Blankoff
22-8002-88Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal Gland, 1/2″ Tube
22-8003-81Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal Coupling, Blank, Brass
22-8003-88Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal Coupling, 1/2″ Tube
60-0302-86Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal Gland,w/4″ x 3/8″ Tube
60-0302-88Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal Gland w/4″ x 1/2″ Tube
60-0303-86Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal Coupling w/4″ x 3/8″ Tube
60-0303-88Parker 1/2″ Ultraseal Coupling w/4″ x 1/2″ Tube
60-0220-20Feedthrough, 2″ W/ 1/2″ CU Tube, M-F Parker.