Telemark Self Sealing Covers

Telemark Self Sealing E-Beam Cover

Telemark is the original inventor of the “lift top” cover electron beam source.  The Telemark self-sealing cover is advantageous in thin film applications where material purity and cross contamination are a concern.  Telemark’s unique all mechanical design provides reliable sealing performance without requiring in-vacuum motors or pneumatics.

Ebeam cover “lifts” as the hearth is ...

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OMS Witness Glass Changer

Telemark Optical Monitor Chip Changer

“New” Telemark Optical Monitor Witness Glass Changer 50 Monitor Spots That Can Be Used In Any Orientation

  • 50 Optical Monitoring Positions
  • Automatic Position Indexing
  • Back side or Front side Monitoring
  • Reflection or Transmission Measurements
  • Port for Quartz Crystal Rate Sensor
  • 4.5” Flange Mounting
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Model 861 Deposition Controller

Telemark 861 Deposition Controller

Telemark Press Release 9-3-2015
Telemark Announces the Model 861 Deposition Controller

Telemark is announcing a new deposition controller that is a direct replacement for existing Maxtek 360 and Telemark 860 deposition controllers.

The Process Recipes, I/O Settings and Physical Connections are all compatible with existing Maxtek 360/Telemark 860 units.

Telemark data exchange software will allow users to transfer ...

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Broadband vs Single Wavelength Monitoring

The historical method of calling an end of a layer in optical coating was to monitor a wavelength and when a condition was met calling the end of the layer. In the earliest days this method was done using the human eye of a trained observer. In some cases this is still done today but with the most limited of success. The next advent in coating control came with the advent of the ability to measure automatically the intensity of ...

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