Telemark Feedthroughs

Telemark offers a broad range of standard and custom magnetic fluid feedthroughs for ebeam sources (e-guns). Also offered are high voltage, dual water, rotary and octal instrument feedthroughs in the one inch and 32mm O-ring sealed bolt type, and in the 2-3/4″ CF metal seal type. Water flow switches are also available and recommended.

 1″ (25mm)1 1/4” (32mm)Description
 O-Ring Feedthroughs275-0001-1275-0001-2High voltage feedthrough
275-0002-1275-0002-2Rotary 1/4″ feedthrough
275-0003-1275-0003-2Dual 3/8″ water feedthrough
275-0006-1275-0006-2Right angle rotary feedthrough
275-0008-1275-0008-28-Pin Instrument feedthrough, octal
275-0017-1275-0017-2Feedthrough blankoff
O-Ring Feedthrough Kits275-0703-1275-0703-2Bottom drive FT kit: 2HV, 1 water,1 octal,1 rotary
275-0704-1275-0704-2Side drive FT kit: 2HV, 1 water, 1 octal, 1 right angle rotary
 275-0705-1275-0705-2Basic feedthru kit: 2HV, 1 water, 1 octal
Ferro Feedthroughs: 1 inch bolt 275-0012-11/4″ rotary feedthrough
275-0016-1Right angle rotary feedthrough


2.75″ CFFDescription
Metal Seal Feedthroughs:
2.75″ CFF
275-0001-3High voltage feedthrough
275-0002-3Rotary 1/4″ feedthrough
275-0003-3Dual 3/8″ water feedthrough
 275-0008-38-Pin Instrument feedthrough, Octal
 275-0017-3Feedthrough blank-off, 2.75” CFF
 275-0019-1Dual pass high voltage feedthrough, 10kV
Metal Seal Feedthrough Kits: 2.75″ CFF 275-0703-3Bottom drive feedthrough kit: 2HV,1 water,1 octal,1 rotary
275-0705-3Basic feedthrough kit: 2 HV, 1 water, 1 octal


HV Feedthrough Cover275-0210-3Set of 2 for 1″ o-ring feedthroughs with interlock switch
275-0210-4Set of 2 for 32mm o-ring feedthroughs
275-0211-2Set of 2 for 2.75″ CFF feedthroughs
 275-0212-2Single cover for 2.75″ CFF dual pass feedthrough
Water Flow Switch271-0831-1Adjustable water flow switch, 110VAC