Model 528 E-beam Source
Model 528 E-beam Source

The model 528 is mounted on a 2.75 inch CF flange with 1.5cc pockets and no sweep coils. It is available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 pocket configurations and is ideal for research and development applications.

  • Mounted on 2.75” CF (optional CF flange configurations available)
  • Pumps down to 10-11 torr
  • No sweep coils
  • Designed for ease of use and maintainability
  • Long filament life with 180° beam deflection
UHV Linear Source 528
E-Beam Deflection180°
Power Rating3 kW
Max. High Voltage- 7 kV
Water Requirements2 gpm(min.)@ 60°F
Bake Out Temperature250°C
UHV Linear Source 528
3 pocket 1.5cc528-03
4 pocket 1.5cc528-04
5 pocket 1.5cc528-05
6 pocket 1.5cc528-06