E-Beam Source Rebuilding

Emitter Rebuild
Telemark Model 264 E-Beam Source

Telemark Can Rebuild Your E-beam Source Back to Factory Specs

Refurbishment includes complete strip down and cleaning, optionally emitters can be rebuilt at the same time. Any worn or broken parts can be replaced. The source is reassembled to like new operation and the shipped back to you ready to use.

Source Rebuild consists of:

Disassemble source, clean components, reassemble with new O-rings and screws, leak check, regauss to your kV requirements and in-vacuum beam check.

Source Rebuild and Upgrade consists of:

The same service as the Source Rebuilds plus upgrade magnetics to latest design, including four new pole pieces.

Emitter Rebuild consists of:

Emitter parts cleaned and new parts used from a Emitter Parts Kit including screws, Filament, Anode, Beam Former, Insulators, and HV shields. The emitters adjusted to factory specs and ready to use. Emitter rebuild can be done at the same time or separate from a source rebuild.

Regaussing of Sources:

Sources can be regaussed and sent back right away.

Please request a RMA number for your source prior to shipping it to us for a rebuild