Telemark Model 259 E-Beam Source
Telemark Model 218 E-Beam Source

Telemark offers single pocket e-beam sources from 1.5cc to 160cc. Telemark single pocket source offerings include High Vacuum (10-7 torr) and Ultra High Vacuum (10-11 torr) models. UHV source are metal sealed construction and are bakeable to 250⁰C. Installation kits and source shutters can be supplied. Please contact Telemark for your ebeam source requirements for model and configuration assistance.

The “ultra” compact 508, 1.5cc source is UHV compatible and supplied on a 4.5” CFF flange for installation where effusion (K) cells are being used. The 508 source is perfect for refractory metals and high melting point materials in MBE environments.

Model 211 and UHV Model 218

High Performance in a Small Package with Crucible Volumes to 15cc.

  • Rated at 6kW* of power when operated at voltages from -6 to -10kV.
  • Compact design for use in small research and development systems or wherever space is an important consideration.
  • The model 218 UHV uses the same basic components as the standard model 211, with non-interchangeable crucibles and all metal sealing.
  • Coils sealed in stainless steel cans are standard

Model 272 and UHV Model 259

Performance Proven in High-Power Production Applications

  • Available in crucible volumes up to 100cc for long, uninterrupted evaporation.
  • Rated at 14kW* when operated at -10kV.
  • Capable of evaporating high rates of material such as aluminum. This makes the model 272 ideal for processes that require a coating layer of one micron or more.
  • The 272 is also well suited for operation at lower power levels where a large capacity for subliming materials might be required
HV Source 211 HV Source 259/272 UHV Source 218 UHV Source 259
E-Beam Deflection270°270°270°270°
Power Rating6 kW*14 kV6 kW*10 kW*
High Voltage Range-6 kV to -10 kV-6 kV to -10 kV-6 kV to -10 kV-6 kV to -10 kV
Lateral Coil Resistance8.5 ohms3.0 ohms8.5 ohms3.0 ohms
Long. Coil Resistance7.5 ohms9.6 ohms7.5 ohms9.6 ohms
Water Requirements2 gpm(min.)@ 60°F3 gpm(min.)@ 60°F2 gpm(min.)@ 60°F3 gpm(min.)@ 60°F

* Nominal value; actual power rating may vary, depending on customer’s process.

** Model 259 HV is only avalable with 160cc pocket size.

HV Source 211 HV Source 259/272 UHV Source 218 UHV Source 259

** Model 259 HV is only avalable with 160cc pocket size.

Telemark Feedthroughs


Telemark HV Feedthrough Cover

HV Feedthrough Cover

Telemark Water Flow Switch

Water Flow Switch

Telemark E-Beam Shutter

E-Beam Shutter

Electro-Pneumatic shutter controls are available with 1″, 32mm, or 2-3/4″ CFF feedthrough shutter assemblies.

Arc Suppression Upgrade

Arc Suppression Upgrade

A source with the Arc-Suppression option is ideal for many applications, such as for optical coating and for ion plating without a pressure barrier. The reduction in arcing results in improved film quality, improved yields, and fewer arc-related maintenance issues.