Application Note

Consistently Produce the Highest Index TiO2 Films

Telemark Low Pressure Ion Sources consistently produce the highest index TiO2 films at ambient temperatures Telemark research lab continues to test materials using the Telemark Low Pressure Ion Sources. TiO2 is a very popular material for interference coatings and is used heavily across our industry. The ability to push the index of...

Electron Beam Secondary Electron Management

Unfortunately there is no guarantee for eliminated “secondary electron“ penetration of substrate. This is caused by simple physics. However Telemark has developed ways to significantly reduce electron damage by design of the Telemark electron beam source. Click here for pdf - telemark_secondary_electron_app_note_6-26-15.pdf

Spectral Match Cut Points

The historical method of calling an end of a layer in optical coating was to monitor a wavelength and when a condition was met calling the end of the layer. As discussed in a previous application note the NVision optical monitor supports this method with good success. There is one problem...