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Get a new Telemark Cryochiller

Why spend money on an old Polycold, when for a small additional investment, you can get a new Telemark Cryochiller with a two-year warranty? Contact Telemark Cryogenics to obtain a quotation for your Polycold replacement options. #Cryochiller

Telemark presents Sheet Resistance Monitor at MRS Boston

Telemark presented a well-received talk at the 2018 Materials Research Society Fall Conference based on the work done by Jim Colbridge and Josh Gurian regarding the use of Telemark’s Sheet Resistance Monitor to improve run-to-run stability of evaporated ITO coatings.  More information about their exciting presentation and the factor...

Online Shopping at telemark.com for Spare Parts

You can now shop at telemark.com/shop for Spare Parts E-Beam Source Crucible Liners E-Beam Source Spare Parts and Crucibles E-Beam Source Feedthroughs Ion Source Filaments Quartz Crystals, Sensors and Feedthroughs Ordering factory direct Telemark electron beam source spare parts and accessories is easier than ever at our new on-line shop. In-stock items...