Making an Impact in the Quartz Crystal Deposition Control Market

Once again, Telemark is showing its incredible depth in physical vapor deposition technology innovation by capturing an ever increasing market share in the QCM market.

With excellent user reviews, the Telemark 861 Quartz Crystal Deposition Controller is gaining “preferred” supplier status with some of the world finest thin film laboratories and PVD system providers. The 861 Controller combined with the Telemark DCM (Deposition Control Manager) software provides a powerful quartz crystal thickness control package that is being well received in the ...

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Consistently Produce the Highest Index TiO2 Films

Telemark Low Pressure Ion Sources consistently produce the highest index TiO2 films at ambient temperatures

Telemark research lab continues to test materials using the Telemark Low Pressure Ion Sources.

TiO2 is a very popular material for interference coatings and is used heavily across our industry. The ability to push the index of TiO2 up should be the goal of all coating operations using this material. Increasing the index affords; less layers to achieve better film properties, faster turn times for high layer ...

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Programmable Sweep Now with Advanced “AVATAR” Handheld Controller

Telemark has released it newest electron beam sweep generator with advanced control features and “AVATAR” handheld controller.

A large color touch screen with on-screen pattern development makes the Programmable Sweep user friendly. The Programmable Sweep offers pin-point beam patterning and magnetic distortion correction. Pre-programmed patterns and 32 user defined patterns provide infinite beam control.

The “AVATAR” handheld controller is a rugged joystick controller which allows users to view the ebeam operation while accessing and programming the unit.

The Programmable Sweep can be used ...

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Telemark Delivers 300+ Cryochiller Systems On-time

Telemark Cryochiller

Telemark Cryogenics Delivers 300+ Cryochiller Water.pdf

Telemark’s cryogenic group worked long hours to build, test and ship 300+ units
to a single customer during mid to late 2016 and early 2017.
The Telemark cryogenics product group is a “well oiled machine” which can
produce, test and ship 10+ units per week, currently. Expansion of
manufacturing space is in place for even more capacity as product demand
A strict shipping schedule was in place to for this order. ...

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New Programable Sweep

Programable Sweep

Programmable Sweep

Telemark has released a new Programmable Digital Sweep Controller for electron beam control. The Telemark Programmable Sweep Controller offers users state-of-the-art technology in electron beam control and performance repeatability.

The Programmable Digital Sweep from Telemark controls the pinpoint
location of the EB Source beam spot. Patterns are viewable from the ...

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