1.5kW XIAD Ion Beam Source

The ST55 Gridless End-Hall Ion Source has been specially developed to provide a cost effective solution for ion assisted vacuum processes for medium to large sized deposition systems. The ST55 provides an extremely reliable and maintenance-free 1.5kW source for many applications in PVD processes.
The compact design and rugged construction allows easy installation to both new and existing vacuum deposition systems.

  • Power supply now comes with touch screen interface.
  • Touch Screen can be tilted to 45º to allow ease of use.
  • Multi-Mode system operation – Continuous, Pulse, Gas Purge, Substrate Pre-clean – all at the touch of the screen.
  • Save regularly used deposition procedures to file. Save up to 15 separate files with all operational parameters.
  • Ion beam energies up to 230eV.
  • Ion Beam power to 1.5 kilowatts.
  • Anode currents to 7 amps.
  • Full-time use of high purity oxygen.
  • Highly efficient patented gas injection design greatly reduces gas load.
  • Direct water-cooling to reduce maintenance, radiation load and venting delays.
  • Extremely low maintenance. The patented design utilizes a specially coated anode, that resists build-up of electrically insulating oxide coatings. No need to change anodes for different gases.
  • Extremely stable operation in IAD processes due to patented electrode design.
  • Broad – beam divergence for large area coverage with a uniform ion flux.
  • Rapid start-up – Only 3 seconds to stable operation from Start.
  • Special Coiled Filaments provide >12 hours in pure oxygen per filament.
  • Pulse-mode Operation for ion-assistance of radiation-sensitive film materials such as many commonly used infrared and UV thin film materials eg MgF2 & LaF2. For further information please refer to separate information sheets.
  • Gas Purge Mode provided to allow routine purging of gas lines. Automatically switches off at pre-set timeout or when gas flow reaches < 1% of flow range.
  • Pre-deposition Clean Mode provided to easily pre-clean the substrates immediately prior to deposition.
  • Remote Control & Monitoring of process parameters. A front panel control toggles control from local operator to remote master control and monitoring of all operational parameters.
Ion Source System Series III ST55
Source Dimensions75 mm diameter by 70 mm long (3” x 2.75”)
Source Weight1.4 kgs (approx. 3 lbs)
Beam PowerAnode volts selectable to 225 volts; anode power 1500W
Anode CurrentMaximum 7 amps under manual or automatic beam control
Beam DivergenceWide beam divergence in excess of 80 degrees
Gas FlowApproximately 8sccm argon required to produce 2 amps (typical)
Cooling WaterMinimum 2.5 liters/minute. Water flow is constantly monitored
Power Unit Dimensions135mm x 480mm x 406mm
Power Unit Weight30 kgs (66lbs)

Complete Series III ST55 package includes:

  • ST55 Ion Source.
  • ST55 Series III Power supply  – 208 or 230 VAC, single phase 50 or 60Hz; 10 amps.
  • Gas flow controller supplied 30 sccm Alicat Scientific.
  • Operational, maintenance and service manual.
  • All feedthroughs – gas, electrical & water.

ST55 Series III power supply with tilting Touch Screen interface

Complete system supplied with all hardware for installation to new or existing vacuum systems. All vacuum feedthroughs for process cooling water, reactant gas and electrical supply are supplied to individual requirements. Vacuum chamber flange types supplied to individual requirements.

  • Dual Filament DF. Electronic system detects filament failure and auto switches to second filament. Operator is alerted to first-filament failure by visual signal on screen.
  • Dual Gas DG. Option provides facility to deliver either of two installed gases in either pure gas or specified gas mix ratio. Gas mixture is set from the touch screen.
  • Mounting Hardware MH. Several options are available. The mounting brackets are clamped to a special gas feedthrough.