Telemark Self Sealing Covers

Telemark Self Sealing Covers

Telemark Self Sealing E-Beam Cover

Telemark is the original inventor of the “lift top” cover electron beam source.  The Telemark self-sealing cover is advantageous in thin film applications where material purity and cross contamination are a concern.  Telemark’s unique all mechanical design provides reliable sealing performance without requiring in-vacuum motors or pneumatics.

Ebeam cover “lifts” as the hearth is rotated

  • Unique mechanical design provides the most reliable operation
  • No in-vacuum air supply (pneumatics) is required
  • No in-vacuum motor is used

Self Sealing advantages

  • Strict tolerance between top cover and crucible web assures a tight seal
  • Protects precious metals from cross contamination
  • Maintains deposition material electrical and optical properties
  • Minimizes pocket “jams” from over grown or columnar growth materials


  • Semiconductor
  • Conductive coatings
  • Electrical contacts
  • Precious metals
  • Solar and Low E coatings
  • Research and development

NOTE: Not available on all ebeam source models. Contact your local Telemark Representative or
the Telemark Factory for applicable source models and pricing.

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