Affordable Broadband Optical Monitoring Tools

Telemark announces the NVision line of optical measurement tools for thin film coating monitoring and control. With over 25 years of history, these tools allow automatic control of optical properties during the deposition process. Real time, broadband optical monitoring and control systems measuring a single measurement point or up to one hundred monitoring locations provide evaluation and control of thin films during growth. This data is highly accurate and laboratory quality.
Each lab quality measurement location operates in real time giving the operator a powerful insight into the deposition process. Down time and return from maintenance periods are reduced because full optical measurements are made “in process” minimizing the time spent in calibration sample measurements. System calibrations can be done in process. Systems can be configured to cover the wavelength ranges from ultraviolet through visible to infrared (200nm through 2500nm) measuring in real time and storing the data in an open data base for user data mining and report generation. Applications include optical “box” coaters, in-line glass coating systems, web coating, sputtering and custom tools.
Control is available for optical thickness, plasma emission, metal thickness and color. The system supports programming interfaces to industry standard thin film design programs. (Macleod, FilmCalc and others)
The optical system can be configured to operate is transmission mode, reflection mode and is compatible with the Telemark Chip Changer accessory for multiple monitoring samples with automated chip changing.

Please contact Telemark at to find out how Telemark/NVision Optical Monitoring systems can improve your yields and profitability.

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