Telemark Delivers 300+ Cryochiller Systems On-time

Telemark Delivers 300+ Cryochiller Systems On-time

cryochillers in Factory
Cryochillers in Factory
Cryochillers in Container
Cryochillers in Container

Telemark Cryochiller

Telemark Cryogenics Delivers 300+ Cryochiller Water.pdf

Telemark’s cryogenic group worked long hours to build, test and ship 300+ units
to a single customer during mid to late 2016 and early 2017.
The Telemark cryogenics product group is a “well oiled machine” which can
produce, test and ship 10+ units per week, currently. Expansion of
manufacturing space is in place for even more capacity as product demand
A strict shipping schedule was in place to for this order. Out-of-the-box failure
rates were non-existent.
Every system was tested thoroughly and the performance data was recorded at

Telemark Cryochiller Units staged for shipment. Export shipping containers
were loaded at the Battle Ground, WA factory for immediate dispatch to the Port
of Portland or Port of Seattle.
Shipping logistics and freighter reservations were made in advance by Telemark, so the
pressure to fill the containers on-time was instrumental.
Contact Telemark for your cryochiller water-trapping needs. Telemark can ship critical
replacement units in less then one week. Products are proudly Made in the USA.

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