Telemark Value Engineered Water Vapor Cryotraps

Drawing on our leadership in the field of vacuum PVD coating, Telemark has released a new line of “value engineered” water vapor Cryotraps for PVD applications. To complement our existing line of TVP cryorefrigeration units, these “value engineered” systems support the necessity of water abatement in thin film PVD growth, while offering the lowest price per watt on the market. These systems eliminate the costly use of Ln2 and provide a fast payback for users.
Models include dual or single output 2700 series and single output 1200 series. The value engineered models support “local” front panel manual control as well as remote analog control. The 1200 series affords 55,000 l/sec trapping while the 2700 series provides a whopping 165,000 l/sec trapping capability.
Fully compliant with US EPA, CE and Kyoto Accords, Telemark can increase your pumping times and system throughputs while ensuring the highest quality films.

Please contact Telemark at to find out how Telemark Value Engineered Water Vapor Cryotraps can economically benefit all your PVD processes.

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