Telemark 861 Deposition Controller

The NEW Telemark 861 electron beam source quartz crystal (QCM) deposition controller is a drop-in replacement for the Maxtek 360 and Telemark 860 units. This controller provides pin for pin replacement for old Maxtek and Telemark units. Users can transfer existing processes and setup configurations from old units directly to the 861. The 861 is also an excellent replacement for the IC6, IC5, XTC3, XTC2, SQC-310 and IC6000.
Modern color LCD touch screen interface and capability for I/O upgrades and additional sensor heads makes this tool excellent for system upgrades and OEM users alike.
The unit contains an extensive material library and user definable materials. Storage capability of 99 processes of up to 999 layers each.
Proprietary oscillator for 5MHZ or 6MHz operation and high resolution of < 0.01A
Units come standard with 2 sensor inputs (upgradable to 4 sensors) and and 8 I/O channels (upgradable to 32 I/O channels) which can be used for ancillary system operations such as pocket indexing, shutter activation, and sweep selection.

    • High frequency internal reference oscillator provides <0.01A resolution for aluminum
    • Operates with 5 MHz or 6 MHz crystals
    • All new innovative crystal oscillator design for outstanding stability and noise immunity
    • Extensive materials library, also allowing for user definable materials
    • Color LCD touch screen for graphical and numerical display of primary real-time process data, providing an intuitive and user friendly operator interface
    • Touch screen capabilities: In-process parameter modification, Process and Layer editor, I/O status and control
    • Real time graphical display of: Power v/s time, Rate v/s time, Thickness v/s time, Rate deviation v/s time
    • All system, film and setup files may be saved via a front panel USB port, as well as uploaded to instrument
    • Can accommodate up to 99 processes of 999 layers each
    • Standard unit has 2 crystal sensor inputs and 2 isolated rate control analog output drivers, expandable to 4 each.
    • 8 relay isolated outputs and 8 optically isolated inputs (active or passive mode), with the option to upgrade to 32 ea., for ancillary operations such as pocket indexing, sweep selection and sensor selection.
Model 861
Sensor Crystal Frequency5 or 6 MHz
Resolution<0.02Hz (<0.01A for Al @ 6MHz)
Accuracy+/- 0.5% thickness
Thickness Display0.000 - 999.9 kÅ
Power Display0.0 - 99.9 %
Rate Display0.0 - 999 Å/s
Measurement Update10 per second
Control signal Update10 per second
Inputs8 standard (32 max.) optically isolated, active (12 to 24V DC), or passive (contact closure)
Outputs8 standard (32 max.) relay contacts, max 2A, 50 DC
Analog Outputs2.5, 5 or 10 volts @ 20 ma. 0.002% resolution
Power Input90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz

Windows DCM Software

The DCM software can create and edit Processes and Materials on a Windows computer that can be transfer via USB to the 861. When connected via RS-232 or Ethernet can edit processes and materials directly on the 861 and it can remotely operate the 861.

When the DCM software is connected it automatically makes two files in the working directory for each process run, a summery file that includes averages and a file with the stream of data of Rate, Rate Deviation, Power, and Thickness.

Screen shot of the 861 Deposition Controller Windows DCM Software

Screen shot of the 861 Deposition Controller Windows DCM Software

Screen caputer of 861 Deposition Controller Material Edit

Screen shot of 861 Deposition Controller Material Edit