Model 880 Deposition Controller

The Model 880 quartz crystals (QCM) deposition controller is based on a multi-microprocessor design, which enables rapid measurement updates with superior resolution. It features an LCD touch screen for programming and displaying process data and graphs, as well as modular architecture. The unit has four slots for I/O cards; each slot can house either an input card (8 opto-isolated inputs) or an output card (8 SPDT relays). The sensor-head/source control modules provide two channels each for crystal frequency measurement and two separate, isolated analog 0-10 VDC (+ and – polarity) outputs for source control or recorders. The 880 can house four such modules, supporting up to eight channels of sensor input and 8 analog outputs, and enabling averaging between several sensor crystals.

  • Advanced measurement technique provides high accuracy at a constant 100ms measurement period
  • Versatile film sequencing and process control
  • Extremely flexible programmable Input/Output structure (including pulsed signals, counters and timers) for versatile system control
  • Multi-film and multi-process storage with up to 99 materials
  • Multi-processor design allows module expansion while maintaining high performance in all configurations
  • Two sensor inputs standard (6 additional sensor inputs – optional), 2 source analog outputs (6 additional configurable analog outputs – optional)
  • RS-232C standard (Telemark protocol or ASCII)
  • Weighted averaging of up to eight sensors for precise large area depositions
  • Large format numeric and graphic display with touch panel user interface
  • Optional removable memory module for process parameter storage and transfer
  • Expandable I/O up to 32 inputs or outputs (in groups of 8 each) with programmable logic I/O structure
  • Four user definable front panel buttons an indicators for use with programmable logic I/O structure
Frequency resolution:+/-0.02Hz (0.009Ǻ for Aluminum)
Resolution:+/-0.5% thickness
Measurement Range:500kǺ Aluminum equivalent
Thickness Display:0.000 to 999.9kǺ
Rate Display:0.0 to 999Ǻ/s
Measurement Update:10/s at all settings
Inputs (programmable)8 opto-isolated:8 opto-isolated, 5-24VDC or contact closure
Outputs (programmable)8 SPDT relays:8 SPDT relays, 1A @ 24VDC max
Analog Outputs:12 bit resolutionAs Source Outputs: +/-2.5, 5 or 10VDC @ 10mA
As Recorder Outputs: 0-10VDC, function user programmable
Computer Interface:RS-232C (Telemark protocol or ASCII)
Line Voltage:90-264VAC, 50-60Hz